Warhammer Dark Omen – Online Gaming

After the pain in the ass called “Shadow of the horned rat” lol… buggy game ! Well it was time to do the sequel of course ! To my good surprise there was no need for a GOG version of the game this time, there’s none anyway at the hour i write this… But as GOG recently acquired SOTHR, they’re obviously going to acquire the rights of selling Dark Omen soon… Anyway… i just downloaded a .nrg version (nero image) from the P2P this time.


First was at the launch and i don’t remember how i fixed it, and the 2nd issue was about the “flickering” ! Well… i’ve downloaded the package from Dark Omen Fansite but it didn’t work… i mean i’ve replaced the .EXE and then the game was in Monochrome lol… And then i put back the .Exe from the original game, and don’t ask me why or how… but the flickering was gone and i wasn’t playing in CPU mode, i was still in 3D mode ! So i haven’t tryed to understand, i just didn’t touched to the options ever and focused on playing lol ^_^

I am not going to spoil anything don’t worry… i’ll just say that most missions are very well balanced. Of course it’s going to be difficult… it’s Warhammer ! And some missions will have to be replayed 5 times before passing with minimal casualties… But there are also 2 to 3 REALLY HARD missions ! Meaning you’ll need strategy as well as LUCK to pass them ! And if you don’t you’ll take a 1 day break for sure ! Because these missions take some time to finish, and you can be screwed after 20-40 minutes of intense strategy thinking… Frustrating when it happens !

The last battle of Dark Omen… well if you’re VERY LUCKY you’ll pass it easily… and if you’re not like me you’re going to spend hours on it ! It’s the last battle of the game, there is no more episode after this one… as this game was created in 1998 and since no more warhammer… The developers wanted to give us the Ultimate Challenge… and they succeeded ! Let’s just say that in terms of power you’re at 1 vs 3 ^_^ But you’ll discover that by yourself the greatest that are online.