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The Best Way To Set Up Your Washing Machine Plumbing

Washing Machine Plumbing On The Northern Beaches

Most plumbing systems require experience and a logical common sense approach.

Washing Machine Plumbing
Washing Machine plumbing – set-up

Connecting up a washing machine (WM) works extremely well when done properly.

If it is not, you can expect almost certain problems, to the point of possibly flooding your home!

You have come to the right place – if you are:

At the planning stage of your new home.
Renovating your laundry area.
Replacing the old washing machine with a new one.
Relocating to your newly purchased or leased home.
Having problems with your existing or new installation.
After some ideas for your washing machine plumbing.
Looking for Tips & Warnings when installing your washing machine.
The following information will keep you on the right track for code compliance and gaining best value for money for the installation of your new/old washing machine. So take plenty of notes or just simply “print off a copy”.

Your Washing Machine Plumbing has been separated under the following topics:

Washing Machine Installation – Planning & Investigation of Plumbing ServicesWashing Machine Installation

1. Determine what services are required for the washing machine installation.

Usually a drainage point.
Hot water connection
Cold water connection.
Washing suds return hose point.
A power point. Electrical services are not included in this post and it is advisable to consult with your electrician.
2. Planning is important. The more planned you are the less chance of problems. This will assist you and the plumber (if required). Your time and costs will be minimised due to unforeseen issues along with the relevant information being available at your finger tips. Things to plan:

What position is the washing machine to be located. Is there enough space for it to fit in?
Bench top heights in relation to washing machine height.
Draw a scaled plan view of the installation.
Show elevations of the walls with locations of taps, power points, bench tops, tiling, windows, doors, plumbing services and lighting (overshadowing issues).
Where is the laundry tub located? Does the washing machine need to be placed adjacent? Washing Machine Installation – planning
Is there a clothes dryer?
Will this room be functional?
What is the spacial requirements for all the items in this room.
Will piping need to be run in walls, ceilings or under floors.
Keep all the information together in a folder – scan it in to your computer.
Plan dates and times with tradesman and purchases for the various items of your washing machine installation.
3. Locate the existing plumbing services.

sewer drainage – Where will the washing machine drain or washer drain hose connect to? Find or get a copy of the house or property sewer service diagram. This will show the in-ground sewer drainage pipe locations. Not all governing authorities require these. They will be of assistance if you do not have a drainage point or access under the floor.
hot water tap or the location of the hot water piping to connect to.
cold water tap or the location of the cold water piping to connect to.
Is there a floor drain?



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