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Portal of Magazines of CEMAVE

In order to facilitate access to the scientific production of CEMAVE researchers and the scientific community, as well as to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about Brazilian avifauna, full copies (in PDF format) of the following types of publications:

– Ornithology Magazine

Annual Report of Routes and Areas of Concentration of Migratory Birds in Brazil


Scientific journal of CEMAVE / ICMBio, aims to publish articles or scientific communications unpublished in the area of ​​Ornithology, covering topics related to the ecology and conservation of wild birds. Studies on geographic distribution, nesting, migrations and commented bird lists may also be considered.

Ornithology (CEMAVE / ICMBio) publishes articles on ecology and bird conservation. Studies on geographic distribution, bird banding, migrations and commented birds checklists can also be considered for publication.

To access the articles already published, click here .



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