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Need Rocklin Landscaping Services?

Softscaping Services ​
The other side of the landscaping coin, softscaping are the parts that most people are familiar with, namely the natural grasses, shrubbery, and trees that soften your surrounding structures. Expert planters and landscape professionals are needed to create a beautiful design that coordinates color and overall look to give a landscape that is truly unique.

Our landscapers at Rockin Landscaping have the creative mind and eye for detail it takes to create a truly impressive landscape that you will be amazed is yours every time you see it. Softscaping is our specialty, let us work for you today!

Drainage Solution Installation ​
You can’t have a gorgeous landscape without the behind the scenes tubing and drains that water and protect your lawn from heavy rainfall and soil erosion. We take these systems for granted when looking at a well maintained property, and may not think to ask about these integral watering solutions when ordering a landscape project.

Rockin Landscaping takes this into account and designs your landscape with these drainage systems in place, so your lawn runs smoothly even before we break ground for your new landscape design.
With knowledge in French drain installation and sprinkler system designs, we will make sure your lawn is protected while still looking great.

Rockin Landscaping is dedicated to providing the Rockin area with excellent landscaping and lawn care services that always leave you satisfied. When you are ready to start your next landscaping project or simply need a yearly service that can mow and upkeep your lawn for you, Rockin Landscaping is the local landscaping company for you.

Contact Rockin Landscaping today to find out more about our seasonal discounts and start your free consultation: you will be glad you did!



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